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How to clean your vertical blinds

Vertical blinds look good but often prove to be a nightmare to wash. That’s why many people simply decide not to bother, or take them down and haul them off to the dry cleaners. But it is possible to do them yourself at home with relative ease – regardless of whether your blinds are wooden,

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Simple ways to keep your home warm this winter: part 2

Energy prices seem to increase year on year, and many of us are still feeling the pinch from the recession. It’s getting more and more costly to сialis generique heat our homes during the winter, so it’s time to be a bit savvy and maximise the heating ability of our homes without spending a

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Simple ways to keep your home warm this winter: part 1

Autumn is in full swing now and the weather is only going to get colder over the next few months. With energy bills constantly on the rise it can be a struggle to keep your home heated adequately throughout the winter months. As winter sets in you can’t escape having to light the fire or

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Our simple guide to making a room look bigger

Well all, at some point or another, have to deal with a smaller living space. Whether it’s your university dorm or a back bedroom, it’s easy to feel restricted in what you can do with the space. But you can make it feel bigger with a little work. Here we’ve put together several tips to

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Caring for window blinds

Window blinds, like with the rest of your home, need to be looked after and cleaned. Make sure you know what the material of your blinds is and the style as they require different methods of care. If you are unsure we will be happy to help. Be cautious when cleaning the window itself that

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How to choose the right window blinds for you

Know what is on offer Blinds come in a variety of different styles so knowing the market is key to finding what you want. Our company offers vertical, Venetian, roller, roman, pleated and roof window blinds. Each kind has various benefits and can be tailored to suit the purpose. Vertical blinds are perhaps the most

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