How to choose the right window blinds for you

Know what is on offer

Blinds come in a variety of different styles so knowing the market is key to finding what you want. Our company offers vertical, Venetian, roller, roman, pleated and roof window blinds. Each kind has various benefits and can be tailored to suit the purpose.

Vertical blinds are perhaps the most versatile and practical type as they you can full control over how much they are open or closed.

Venetian blinds, particularly the wooden kinds, are the most classic and work well for irregular shaped windows, adding extra character and style to a room.

Roller blinds are a simple overall design but can be purchased in personalised styles to add a bit more colour or pattern to a contemporary room.

Roman blinds add a further level of luxury, giving a room a more interior design feel whilst remaining practical like the more simple blind styles.

Pleated blinds give a softer effect than Venetian blinds and can help create a warmer and light feel to a room.

The Design

Like all other decorations, blinds work best when they fit with the general colour scheme and feel of a room. The majority of blinds are plain but certain styles offer patterned varieties which can be particularly effective for children’s bedrooms or playrooms, or to add a fashionable level to a room.

The Material

The price of blinds varies depending on the style and the material, with the cheaper options being vinyl, polyester, aluminium, or PVC, as opposed to the more expensive wooden or faux wooden, and fabric blinds.

The Price

Depending on your budget, certain varieties will be more expensive than others so it is always good to ask for more information. We can provide samples and pop by your home to help.

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