Curtains versus blinds: blinds

The right decision between blinds and curtains could make or break the effect of a room. Curtains can look too much and blinds can look too minimal depending on the room, the decor and the existing furnishings. We’ve compiled some of the pros and cons of blinds to help you to reach a decision.

Pros of blinds

The popularity of blinds has risen dramatically in the last few years. As more people are choosing to live in cities – in flats and new builds – where space is limited it is becoming more important to save space wherever you can. People have discovered that a sleek, disguisable blind is much more space efficient than folds and folds of heavy curtain material. Although the use of curtains will never become completely obsolete, it has definitely become second best to blinds. There is so much choice when it comes to blinds; from roller to venetian, from vertical to pleated, there is bound to be a style of blind to suit each and every home. Many people believe that there is a wider choice of fabrics when choosing curtains than when choosing blinds, but this is not the case. Blinds come in all manner of fabrics and patterns to suit every home’s style and decor. Blinds are also much neater as they can be rolled away or tucked to the side much more easily than curtains can. This means that they also let more light into the room as there is less material involved to obstruct the window.

Cons of blinds

One of the biggest cons of blinds is the difficulty of cleaning them. Although there are gadgets available which can be used to clean venetian blinds, it is still a hassle to clean the dust from each gap. However, that is easier than cleaning a roller or vertical blind. The only option with roller blinds is to dunk them into a bath of soapy water to remove any grime, dust and grease which may have dirtied them. If blinds are not cleaned often they begin to stain and look grubby, however it is a hassle to clean them often. While they do usually detach from their brackets easily, that is where the simplicity of the process ends.

Pros of both!

Many households opt for both curtains and blinds: this way, you get the best of both worlds! If you choose to have curtains and blinds within your rooms, you are overcome with options. You can have your venetian blinds opened partly and your curtains drawn completely back; you could have your roller blind rolled to the top of the window and your net curtains there to maintain privacy; the options are endless when it comes to the curtains and blind combination.

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