Curtains versus blinds: curtains

There are so many decisions when it comes to decorating and furnishing your home. Should you coordinate your cushions with your wallpaper? Should you go for carpet or laminate flooring? And, most importantly, should you choose curtains or blinds? We’ve compiled some of the pros and cons of curtains to help make your decision a little easier.

Pros of curtains

There isn’t an easier way to make an impact in a room than to hang a set of dramatic, heavy curtains. Curtains can create the impact you desire; from light chiffon drapes to heavy, velvet curtains, it’s completely up to you as to the effect they wish to create within your room. Curtains come in so many different materials, designs and colours to suit everyone’s tastes, lifestyles and decor. Whether you want floral drapes to match your cushions or sleek, plain curtains to tie in with your room’s colour scheme and effect can be created using curtains. There is also the option of net and chiffon curtains which help to achieve a sense of privacy within the home which blinds cannot provide. They also help to allow light into your home without it feeling completely exposed to the outside world. Curtains are also arguably more practical and easy to clean. Depending on what they are made from, they can be put into the washing machine, whereas blinds are often more difficult to clean. Curtains are also easy to make yourself; all you need is the right amount of fabric and a sewing machine. To create blinds would be much more difficult without professional knowledge, equipment and materials.

Cons of curtains

Many people see curtains, especially net curtains, as an old fashioned decoration for the home; they have been highly bi-passed by blinds in the last decade or so. Curtains can dominate a small room and can prevent optimum amounts of light from entering a space if the material is too heavy and dense. Curtains can also become dusty and musty and are more susceptible to damp than blinds are. In this sense, they can be more difficult to maintain than blinds which are easy to roll up, fold back and hide away. Curtains can also be more expensive as they require more fabric than blinds do. Although they can be made at home, this takes time and equipment which you may not already have. Therefore it is a lot easier to simply purchase a set of curtains or a readymade blind to put up straight away in your home.

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