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20 Home Interiors Blogs You Should Be Following

Over time the interior of your home can begin to look a little drab and lifeless. Interior trends do change over time; so what once looked fresh and new can seem tired and old a few years later. Regularly updating the decor of your home can help it feel fresh and new, helping you to

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How To Measure A Window For Curtains (Infographic)

Shopping for curtains is no mean feat. There are so many styles, designs, fabrics, and fits to choose from, it can sometimes feel like you’ll never find the right curtains for your home. And then, lo and behold you finally find a pair of curtains that you love! Hallelujah! The next step is to make

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Expert Tips For Turning a Bedroom From Drab to Fab

Your bedroom is your own private sanctuary; your place to relax, rest, and unwind. However, if your bedroom is starting to look and feel quite drab and dull, it might be the last place you want to spend time. If you find that you’re having difficulty relaxing in your bedroom this can start to affect

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How to keep your cool this summer

Summer is almost upon us, and hopefully it will bring some much anticipated warmer weather to the UK. Sunny days, warmer temperatures, and lighter evenings tend to put us all in a good mood, and many of us socialise a lot more during the summer months. However, summer often means that there are several heat

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5 cost effective ways to update your home

As the weather starts to warm up it’s time to shake off the winter and give your home a bit of a makeover. Many people use this time of year to give their homes a good clean and change up the decor a little to make it feel more light and summery. Redecorating your home

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