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Five reasons to fit window blinds

Convert a loft and there’s a good chance you’ll fit roof windows at the same time to throw light into the room. A number of different manufacturers make roof windows including VELUX, FAKRO, Dakstra or Keylite and we create blinds in all styles and designs to compliment these fine features.

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Loft conversions for beginners

A loft conversion is a really practical way of freeing up space within your home. When you have the loft converted it uses the roof space within your property and this creates an extra room that can be used for many purposes. 

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Do this and transform your patio

Get through the winter months and you can look forward to warmer weather, lighter nights and the chance to spend a little time out on the patio enjoying the sights and sounds of the garden. Spend a little time sprucing up the patio and you’ll have an idyllic outdoor setting to enjoy the best of

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7 of the most effective room painting tips

Order a new set of blinds for a room within your property and there’s a good chance you’ll want to redecorate the area first. New wallpaper and a lick of paint will give the room a fresh feel. Add to this a set of blinds or made-to-measure curtains and they’re the ideal finishing touches. 

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Intelligent ways to add the wow factor to your lounge

Start the new year with positive home makeover ideas and the lounge is a great place to begin. This tends to be one of the main living areas so it’s a focal feature you want to get right and you can, with this clever makeover strategy. Think of the key features of the lounge and

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Five ways to bug proof your home

Everyone agrees that bugs don’t belong in the home. They create unsanitary conditions and can be very, very annoying. But proofing your home against these tiny creatures can feel like an impossible challenge.

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