Our simple guide to making a room look bigger


Well all, at some point or another, have to deal with a smaller living space. Whether it’s your university dorm or a back bedroom, it’s easy to feel restricted in what you can do with the space. But you can make it feel bigger with a little work.

Here we’ve put together several tips to help you turn that small space into something larger.

Cut out the clutter

If the room is full of clutter then it’s bound to feel smaller. So get rid of all that unwanted junk and make a minimal space. Don’t cover the room in pictures; use less ‘in your face’ furniture; remove large rugs – the less that’s in there the larger the room will feel.

Let there be light

This is the key element when making a room appear larger than it is. If you let natural light flow in you’ll be surprised at how it can completely transform your space. If you don’t have a large window through which the natural light can flow you’re going to have to get creative with artificial lighting.

Try to avoid using thick curtains too. Even when pulled back they overhang on some parts of the window and obstruct natural light. Blinds are often the best option because they can be tucked away. Plus, many of the metal finished blinds reflect light into the room. Which is exactly what you need.


The combination of natural light and mirrors works wonders. If you can, place a big mirror opposite the window to reflect the light throughout the room. Try and make use of mirrored accessories too – vases, worktops, statues – they can all work to reflect the light.


Lastly, take a look at how your furniture is arranges. As we said, smaller rooms really should make use of smaller furniture pieces. The less is in there the larger it’ll look too. So keep things to the bare minimum.

How are you using the room?

If it’s an office space you only really need a desk; maybe a bookshelf. But nothing more than that.

A wise selection of furniture can make a big difference.

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