The practicalities of plantation shutters

If you had a spare moment to read our blog on what to look for when you order plantation shutters you’ll have a good understanding of the options available for this type of window feature. Have you taken a moment to consider the practicalities of plantation shutters though? We think they’re wonderful for the following reasons.

  • Shutters control light levels – Curtains are pretty hopeless at controlling light levels, you either have them open or closed. It’s different with plantation shutters, you get to open the slats exactly as you like, have them fully closed, fully open, a little bit of both and control the amount of light that filters into the room to achieve the ideal comfort levels.
  • They provide you with privacy – Shutters are great if you want privacy. A quick twist and they prevent prying eyes from peeping in from outside.
  • They cool a room – Sunlight streaming through the windows isn’t the best feeling when a room is already warm. Close a set of shutters and they act as sunlight blockers, they reflect heat away and cool down the interior of the home.
  • And keep it warm – Keep your shutters closed on a chilly winter’s evening and they’ll help to trap heat within the home. Prevent heat from escaping and reduce energy bills at the same time, shutters are brilliant at trapping warmth within the property.
  • They’re good for security – Shutters prevent criminals peering into your property when you are away from the house. Keep them guessing with a set of shutters and block unwanted attention from burglars.
  • They look gorgeous too! Apart from everything else shutters are stunning features that work in harmony with all the other luxury features in your home. Create a sense of sophistication in your house and order a set of shutters, we hand craft them to order at P.H. Blinds for your total satisfaction.
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