How to clean Venetian Blinds – 5 ways to clean Venetian blinds

Venetian blinds are stylish window features, they’re classically styled and let you adjust light levels in seconds with the minimal amount of effort. They do require cleaning from time to time though to keep dust at bay and we think these methods are practical and useful if there’s a slight build-up of dust.

Feather duster – Close the slats on the blinds and give them a light dusting with a feather duster, it’s a speedy way to remove surface debris and your blinds will soon be restored back to their former glory. Open the slats and clean in-between, they’ll be dust-free in seconds. Feather dusters are great for day-to-day cleaning, a quick ‘once-over’ with a feathery tool and your blinds look brilliant once more.

Slat cleaning tool – There are various slat cleaning tools on the market sector so that’s another option to consider if you want to clean a set of blinds. This type of tool slots straight into the slats, they normally have a number of prongs fitted to them with different kinds of cleaning materials attached. Pop it in, slide it sideways and clean a number of slats in one go

Vacuum attachment – Use the hose on your vac with the upholstery tool attached and gently suck dust from the slats. Be careful if you use this method though, if your vac has a powerful suction it could pull the blinds, if in doubt use one of the other cleaning methods.

Household duster – Give the blinds a trickle over with a clean household duster. Wrap a corner of the duster around your index finger and wipe across each slat in turn. It’s time-consuming but does the trick!

Old sock – Here’s a novel way to clean your blinds. Put a (clean) sock on your hand and wipe over the slats, it’s a good way to get right into those hard to reach areas. Once you’ve cleaned the blinds with the sock, stick it in the wash, have it clean and dry ready for the next time you want to dust the blinds.

Happy cleaning!

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