Why patio awnings are perfect for your home

Awnings are one of our specialties at PH Blinds, we love them and want our customers to love them too. People overlook awnings when they are looking for features for their home, which is a shame because they have some much to offer the average household. We’d recommend awnings for a number of reasons, some of which are listed below.

Awnings add privacy – If your property is overlooked at the side or the rear awnings provide extra privacy from prying eyes.  Hopefully you don’t suffer from nosey neighbours, if you do though, add an awning to the side of your home and stop those nets twitching in one simple move.

They keep you cool – Awnings help to cool patio and decked areas, they make it more of a pleasure to spend time outside. Enjoy all the benefits of al fresco dining or simply relax and enjoy peering out across your garden, once you extend your awning you’ll have tons of shade and won’t have to endure the blazing hot sun.

They keep your home cool – Awnings are brilliant for cooling patio areas and they’re great for cutting down the temperature inside your home as well. They stop glare through windows and help to reduce heat gain inside the home by as much as 77%, if your home suffers in warm weather an awning might be the ideal solution.

They look cool! We’ve already highlighted a number of positive reasons to fit awnings to your home but one thing we haven’t mentioned at PH Blinds is the look of patio awnings. We supply Markilux products, one of the largest German brand names and boy, do their products look good! You’ll feel a sense of pride when you extend a Martilux awning and want to show it off to all your friends and family.

If you like the sound of patio awnings don’t hesitate to contact one of the team at PH Blinds.

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