Bug beating tips to keep insects out of your home

As we head into spring we can look forward to warmer weather (hopefully), lighter nights (definitely) and a general upswing in mood (possibly). Spring and summer presents the average homeowner with a few problems though, it’s the time bugs and insects like to invade our home which can be quite disconcerting.

One solution is to fit insect screens to doors and windows, we have a variety of different options available at PH Blinds and they all conform to The Food Safety Regulations 1985. There are other ways to keep bugs at bay too, try these ideas if you feel like insects are taking over your house.

Seal cracks around windows – Prevent infiltration from outside by sealing around the edges of window frames, window sills, door frames and any area where you can see gaps. Plug the gap to prevent problem pests, use builder’s caulk or specialist sealant to stop insects in their tracks.

Keep doors closed – It’s nice to leave exterior doors open in warmer weather, it creates a breeze through the property but it also increases the chance of bugs invading your home. Try to keep doors shut if possible, use fans and air conditioning to cool down the home, open doors are an open invite for a wide range of unusual insect species.

Look after drains – Check your drains on a regular basis and clear out gutters that might become clogged with leaves, moss and other garden debris. Poor drainage attracts bugs, to prevent a new infestation remove any debris where insects can breed.

Seal pipes and entrance holes – Do you have gaps around cables or pipes that are entering your property from the outside? Simple things like telephone lines leave tiny little gaps and these spaces are infiltrated by spiders and other bugs. To prevent anything entering your house that doesn’t have an invite, seal around pipes and cables penetrate your property from outside.

Don’t get bogged down by bugs this summer, use our tips and create an insect free home.

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