The green benefits of wood weave blinds

Stunning and sustainable wood weave blinds are hot to trot at the moment so why not give them a chance if you fancy a change? Wood weave is a wonderful material, it’s eco-tastic and full of natural appeal, plus it’s the must-buy material for blinds this year.

Here are our main reasons to choose wood weave blinds this season…

Wood weave is good for the ecology of the planet 

Natural wood weave blinds are made from renewable materials, we carefully select bamboo and other materials from ethically sourced suppliers around the globe. Woven blinds are made from materials taken from quick growing crops, when the plants are harvested they are replaced and the cultivation process starts afresh with a fast growing product.

Wood weave keeps your home warmer in winter

Double glazing can only do so much to trap heat in the home, fit a set of wood weave blinds and they provide an additional barrier in front of the glazing helping to keep the warmth inside and reducing your energy consumption over the winter periods.

And cooler in summer..

Close wood weave blinds on a hot, sunny day and they’ll keep the interior of the room cooler. UV rays can’t find their way inside the property once the blinds are closed, they darken the room, help to lower the temperature and save you having to turn on fans or air conditioning which wastes money and energy. 

Weave blinds are kinder to your home

It’s easy to install wood weave blinds, they’re lighter, don’t require any specialist knowledge to hang in place and won’t cause damage to walls because of their lack of weight. Plus they blend in so well with other wooden features and furniture, they look good on their own, mix well with household plants and give your home a greener feel.

Take a closer look at wood weave blinds this year, they’re eco-friendly products that look gorgeous in green homes.

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