Five reasons to fit window blinds

Convert a loft and there’s a good chance you’ll fit roof windows at the same time to throw light into the room. A number of different manufacturers make roof windows including VELUX, FAKRO, Dakstra or Keylite and we create blinds in all styles and designs to compliment these fine features.

Windows in roof spaces are useful features to add to your home, especially if you want to enhance the light levels within your property. Add blinds to these areas and they have a number of benefits, including all of the plus points we mention in this blog.

They give you privacy

Turn a loft space into a bedroom and privacy will be an important aspect you want to consider. Whether you are sleeping, getting dressed or need privacy for intimate moments, a blind shuts out the outside world leaving you sheltered from prying eyes.  Give your room a protective shield from neighbouring properties and use window blinds to create a private haven.

They prevent sun glare

On sunny days attic areas suffer from the effects of the sun. Eliminate glare by closing blinds fitted to your loft conversion, prevent materials from being bleached by the sun and make the room more comfortable to inhabit at the same time.

They blackout daylight

Fancy a little shuteye during the day but can’t get to sleep due to the light levels within your loft conversion? Close blackout blinds and plunge the room into darkness, your mind will think it is night-time even if the sun is shining outside.

They add warmth (or make a room cool)

Close window blinds and trap heat within the home. Or lower the blinds and create a cool environment on a warm, summer’s day.  Window blinds provide a thermal barrier against the outside world, they warm loft areas up when it’s cold outside and keep them nice and cool when it’s scorching too.

They coordinate with home decor

Window blinds are neat, unobtrusive and they match seamlessly with your home’s interior styling. Choose a style that cleverly coordinates with the design and decor of your home and create the perfect first impression.  Blinds are brilliant home accessories and they mix will with all types of furnishings.

See, we told you there were numerous reasons to buy window blinds. Why not take a look at some of the products we have to offer at PH Blinds and take advantage of our special deals?


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