Loft conversions for beginners

A loft conversion is a really practical way of freeing up space within your home. When you have the loft converted it uses the roof space within your property and this creates an extra room that can be used for many purposes. 

Loft conversions are cheaper than home extensions, they look gorgeous fitted with Velux windows and our stunning range of window blinds. Before you convert the loft consider the factors in this guide and your home is going to look amazing and have tons of extra space.

Assessing the area

Before you do anything in relation to a loft conversion make an initial assessment of the area. A good place to start is the roof height within the loft space, can you stand up or is literally a crawl space? If the head space is greater than 2.2m you should be fine and the void is suitable for converting.

Check the roof pitch

The pitch of the roof is a good indication of how much head height your loft will have. Roof sections that have a high pitch angle should give you plenty of room and you can always add a dormer to create extra space and increase the square footage of the conversion.

Do you lack head height?

Don’t give up the idea of having a loft conversion if you are lacking space within the roof void. There are other solutions you might want to choose including raising the roof height or lowering the floor into the room below if your property has high ceilings. The project does become trickier if you opt for these options though and there’s a good chance you’ll require planning permission if you want to raise the height of the roof. Get expert advice from a builder or surveyor in this instance to see what’s feasible with the project.

Where will the staircase go?

Building regulations state you must have a permanent staircase to your loft conversion. The good news is this doesn’t have to be as large as the stairs on the lower levels of your property. You could opt for a spiral staircase or choose a slightly steeper stairwell with narrower steps if this fits better within the floor plan of your property. Consider the space you will lose on the lower level of your property when choosing the location of the new staircase, and think about head height when ascending or descending the stairs too.

We’d recommend getting at least three quotes from reputable companies if you are planning a loft conversion for your home. Should you require blinds once the work has been completed feel free to contact us at PH Blinds, we have options to fit all makes of windows.



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