How to tell if you’ve bought the right venetian blind cleaning tool

Okay, you’ve bought a set of venetian blinds and they look gorgeous in your home, but how are you going to keep them clean? One solution is to buy a tool made just for this purpose, look around and you’ll find plenty of venetian blind cleaning gizmos on the market.

Some are better than others though, so how can you tell if you’ve made a shrewd investment? As long as the cleaning wizard has all of these features, dirty blinds will be the last thing on your mind.

Easy grip handle

Comfort is important when you are carrying out household chores. You wouldn’t buy a vacuum cleaner that hurts your hand as you push it around your home so take the same stance when buying a venetian blind cleaner.  Look for something with an easy grip handle, a tool that sits snugly in your hand and gives great control as you carefully clean each slat in turn. If the tool is easy to grip it’ll be simpler to work with as you go from blind to blind.

Soft, shaggy rolls

Slatted blind cleaning tools normally have individual rolls mounted side by side, you insert them into the blind and they clean up to seven slats at a time. Test the rolls for softness and shagginess. If they are gentle to the touch they’ll be kind to your blinds and perform a thorough cleaning action.

Wipe clean features

How easy is the tool going to be to keep clean? This is important if you intend to use the device frequently. It’s worth shopping around for a wipe clean tool to make things simple, you don’t want to waste time, effort and money on a tool that’s a nightmare to keep clean. 

Perfect slat-to-roll fit 

Part of the efficiency of a venetian blind cleaning tool is how the rolls on the utensil slot into the blind. Too wide a gap between the rolls and they won’t clean the blinds effectively, too tight a gap and it’ll be difficult to slot them into the slats in the first place. Tools used to clean blinds need to have the perfect slat-to-roll ratio. Find this and it’s a match made in heaven.

Just bought a brilliant blind cleaner?

Have fun keeping your PH Blinds super clean!

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