7 Facts About Blinds Everyone Thinks Are True

Blinds are full of facts you just don’t know this yet. That’s such a shame, the more you learn about blinds the more you realise, they have so much going for them.

Let’s be honest here. We can all be a little guilty of not fully understanding the true nature of blinds, simply taking them for granted, even choosing to accept feeble facts about them, without wondering if this is true or not.

To put the record straight, we’ve got seven wacky facts, see if you recognise any of them, and find out if they are true or not.

  1. Blinds aren’t practical

Whoever tells you this fact has probably never owned a set of blinds in their life. If anything, the opposite is true, blinds are incredible practical and extremely versatile, wherever you decide to use them around your home. As practical home features go, blinds are some of the best.

  1. They only suit certain rooms

Sorry but this isn’t true either. Thanks to the sheer scope of blinds and the number of different styles you can choose, they’re ideal for any room in your property. Whether you have vertical blinds in an office, venetian blinds in living areas, roman blinds in dining areas or roller blinds in bathrooms, they suit all types of environments.

  1. You struggle to get the right size

Actually you don’t. No matter what sizes your windows are you can have blinds custom-made to suit your property and they’ll fit perfectly once they are installed. So anybody that tells you size is an issue is simply wasting your time.

  1. They’re hard to clean

Again this is another misleading notion.  Take blinds down whenever you like and either clean them at home or have them cleaned professionally. Venetian blinds in particular are easy to keep clean. Close them and run a feather duster along the slats, or invest in a specialist slat cleaning tool.

  1. Installing them is a hassle

Ignore this fallacy. Order window accessories through experienced companies such as PH Blinds and installation is all part of the service, we keep things simple for you.  You don’t have to worry about fitting blinds, all you do is sit back and enjoy your new purchase, in the comfort of your home.

  1. They never match your decor

Again, this is a false fact. Matching existing interior design couldn’t be easier, simply have a home consultation to solve this problem. Get a sales person to visit you at home armed with samples and fabric swatches, you can see what works best with your existing soft furnishings and pick blinds that are going to look beautiful inside your house.

  1. You are limited for choice

Nope, you can’t class this as a fact, there are tons of different blind styles to choose, countless colour combinations, a wide range of materials to pick, and they can be hand-made to your size specifications. Anyone that tells you this has got their facts wrong, find out for yourself, see the massive amount of choice we have here at PH Blinds.

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