How to give your bedroom a new lease of life

We spend more time in our bedroom than anywhere else in the house. In fact, it’s thought that we spend more than one third of our life in using the room, so it’s important that we’re comfortable in that space.

But bedrooms can tire and become outdated in their look over time, which in turn makes them a less comfortable environment.

To help, we’ve put together a few tips on how to give the look of your bedroom a breath of fresh air.


Lights can alter the way a room look and feels in a big way, so mix yours up. Try adding bedside lamps, drape fairy lights round your bed post, use different coloured bulbs, add a dimmer switch – the more options you have in terms of lighting, the more you’ll be able to adapt the space to make it feel the way you want it to.

Personalise it

Photos of friends and family can transform a room from a lifeless space, into your personal haven. Add other items to windowsills and desks that are personal to you too.

Switch the colour

Over time, the colour of your room can start to fade. There aren’t many people who like to repaint a room every six months.

But a change in colour on just one wall can revitalise a room. Different colours can have different effects, with neutral pallets giving a calming effect, and louder colours creating an energising environment.

Control natural light

Natural light is great for a room, but at night when you’re trying to sleep, natural light can wreak havoc. Switch out your curtains or blinds with a product that blocks light even more. At PH Blinds we offer the very best blinds on the market, for some of the most affordable prices.

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