Clever Lighting ideas to Complement Curtains and Blinds

Having just bought a new set of curtains or blinds you want to appreciate them in all their glory. Okay, they’re going to look gorgeous during the day, but what happens at night, when you lose the light levels in your home?

Careful selection of interior lighting will highlight any soft furnishings you introduce to the home. Add table or wall lights, ceiling pendants or feature lighting, and you can make a huge difference to how your house looks after dark.

In typical PH Blinds fashion, we explore some of the main concerns you have to overcome when choosing lamps for your home here.

What type of light can you create? 

Okay, there’s a knack to interior lighting and to begin, it’s best to consider the look you are trying to create and the mood you want to build by adding new lighting. This is basically split into three areas.

  • Ambient Light
  • Feature Light
  • Task Lights

Ambient Light

Soft-focus lighting is used to create a mood within the room. This can involve table lamps for example, placed in strategic positions around the room, helping to bathe specific areas in soft, relaxing light levels, almost mimicking natural tones. In general, lower wattage bulbs are used for ambient lighting to create character within the room.

Feature Lights

Use feature lighting to bring specific areas of the room to life. This can include uplighters in alcoves, picture lights used to highlight paintings, or recess lighting that helps to shed light in otherwise darkened areas.  Used subtly, feature lighting helps to punctuate light levels within living areas, and it’s particularly effective when used in conjunction with ambient lighting accessories.

Task Lights

This is no-nonsense lighting with a sole purpose to provide functional lighting to a room. Task lighting can include desk lamps, ceiling lights and recessed lighting in kitchens, bathrooms, hallways and landings, it’s got a mission, and that task is to enhance the quality of light within specific areas.

Use a combination of these lighting techniques to create the perfect tone within your living areas and without a doubt, your curtains and blinds are going to look beautiful at night.

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