What to look for when you order plantation shutters

Plantation shutters make a real statement within a room, they’re hand crafted to order, made to measure so they fit precisely, and our shutters at PH Blinds are built from the finest materials, so you know they are going to last. It’s still a big investment when you buy shutters for the home though and your mind might be in a bit of a muddle when it comes to making the right choices. Let us help you choose at PH Blinds, we’ve compiled this mini buying guide to shutter styles.

Plantation shutters are made to measure for your pleasure and this means you have a choice of styles. Some of the most popular options are listed below, see if any of these ideas take your fancy.


  1. Café style:Café style shutters or half height shutters are a good option if you only want to cover the lower part of the window. They’re popular for properties that are overlooked or might be close to the street. The shutters provide privacy for the lower parts of the window but leave the top exposed. Great for ground level, not so good for bedrooms where daylight streams into the property first thing in the morning.
  2. Full height shutters: As the name suggests, full height shutters cover the entire window. This is a safe bet if you plan on keeping the shutters closed for most of the time and simply want light to filter into the home via the louvres. You can still open the full height shutters and pull them right back if you like, but most folks prefer to keep them closed.
  3. Tier on tier:Double shutters or tier on tier shutters give you greater flexibility, they’re a cross between café style and full height shutters. The two sections work independently of each other so you can leave the bottom section closed and open the top section instead.   

If you’re still not sure what style of shutter you prefer click through our gallery at PH Blinds for a little inspiration. 

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