A room guide to help you pick blinds in Cheshire

Pick a set of blinds from our company and they are guaranteed to give your home the wow factor in time for Christmas. Finding that perfect blind can be tricky though so this blog looks at tips to make it a little easier. Read this article for methods on choosing blinds, room by room, and it should help you pick the ideal product from the PH Blinds range.

Picking blinds by room type

Which room are you placing the blinds in? That should help you decide the type of blind you need. You can break this by considering each separate area, let’s look a few examples.


Cooking areas are prone to steam so it’s best to use durable and hard-wearing blinds in this area that are easy to clean and simple to wipe down. Roller blinds are good in this type of area, they’re easy to open and close, you can choose different patterned fabrics to match the décor and they’re made to last as well.


Again, the bathrooms and wetrooms in your home are prone to high levels of steam so roller blinds are a good option to use in these areas too. You want something that’s tough and long-lasting in the bathroom so pick a roller blind and you’ll be fine.


Having trouble getting to sleep at night? Maybe the room isn’t dark enough. Blackout blinds would fix this problem. They’re a modified version of roller blinds made from thicker fabrics and they prevent light from filtering into the room. Great if you work shifts and you need to sleep during the day, shut the blinds and it’ll feel like night.

Living areas

You have a massive range of options when it comes to picking blinds for living areas. Roller blinds are less common in lounges and dining rooms, opt for wooden Venetian blinds, Roman blinds or pleated blinds as a smart option to dress your window. We have a massive range of blinds at PH that look gorgeous in Cheshire homes so feel free to browse our website at your leisure.

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