Intelligent ways to add the wow factor to your lounge

Start the new year with positive home makeover ideas and the lounge is a great place to begin. This tends to be one of the main living areas so it’s a focal feature you want to get right and you can, with this clever makeover strategy.

Think of the key features of the lounge and address these areas to give your room the wow factor.


Designer wallpaper is a good way to enhance the appearance of a lounge, especially if you paste it onto a feature wall. Place it on the main wall facing you as you enter the room and the eye is naturally drawn to your choice of patterned paper. Choose the design first then select coordinating paint that blends naturally with the paper, it’ll add instant appeal to the room.


New carpet or wood flooring gives a room a different feel, especially if you are considering changing the interior colour scheme. Use wooden flooring to create a natural feel. Add a touch of warmth by laying a chunky rug on the floor. Or pick a coloured carpet that suits your new wallpaper and paint. You could also choose a neutral shade that looks good if you want to create a clean, crisp look within the room.


Clever use of lighting totally changes the look of a room as well. Table lamps, wall lights, uplighters and chandeliers have a positive impact within the room. Use lighting to create soft, subtle tones and add a sense of warmth to maximise the impact of the room at night. Coordinate the lighting with soft furnishings to give the room stacks of appeal.

Window treatments

New wallpaper, flooring and lighting grab the attention. To complete the look carefully consider window treatments to add a touch of class. Curtains or wooden blinds, shutters and pleated blinds enhance the look of the windows. And they provide you with plenty of privacy when you want to cosy up in your new-look lounge whilst shutting out the outside world.

Follow these instructions and give your lounge the wow factor. Turn it into the best room in the house!

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