Five ways to bug proof your home

Everyone agrees that bugs don’t belong in the home. They create unsanitary conditions and can be very, very annoying. But proofing your home against these tiny creatures can feel like an impossible challenge.

There are some steps you can take to help keep them out of your house though. And we’re going to look at five of the most effective here.

Install insect screens

During the hot summer months, it’s tempting to open the backdoor to ventilate your house and enjoy some cool fresh air. But summer is also the time of year you can expect to see the most bugs, and they’re going to find their way through that open door.

So, to enjoy that cool air and not worry about an onslaught of insects invading the property install a screen. They’re simple to put up and work wonders at keeping bugs at bay.

Seal doors

If you closely inspect around your doors, you’ll be surprised to see just how many gaps there are through which insects can make their way in. Install sturdy thresholds and a door sweep to minimise the gap underneath the door. You can also pick up door sealing kits at your local hardware store to block insects from entering through the edges.

No clutter

If you’re going to leave water and foods left out and uncovered expect insects to find their way inside. Cluttered spaces are breeding grounds for bugs. Think of a packed food cupboard for example; it’s the perfect place for an insect to breed and reproduce in huge numbers before you even notice they’re there.

Limit the amount of time that food is left out and ensure that all other foods are stored properly. Ensure that crumbs and spills are dealt with quickly too!

Keep rubbish properly

All that rubbish you throw out is a haven to certain insects, so make sure that you’re storing all rubbish properly. All food rubbish should be kept in the kitchen, not in bins throughout the house. You should also ensure that you have a rubbish bin with a lid, and that it’s emptied every night.

Keep the bin clean too. A quick wash once a week should help keep any bug attracting germs away.

Invite predators onto your property

Probably the most effective way to keep bugs out is to invite their predators in. Encourage birds into your garden with feed and bushes that they can nest in. They’ll soon make easy pickings of the bugs in the garden that are trying to break into your house.

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