7 Facts About Blinds Everyone Thinks Are True

Blinds are full of facts you just don’t know this yet. That’s such a shame, the more you learn about blinds the more you realise, they have so much going for them. Let’s be honest here. We can all be … Continue reading

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Clever Lighting ideas to Complement Curtains and Blinds

Having just bought a new set of curtains or blinds you want to appreciate them in all their glory. Okay, they’re going to look gorgeous during the day, but what happens at night, when you lose the light levels in … Continue reading

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Why you should change curtains twice a year

It’s a nice feeling when you hang a new set of curtains up in your home. More often than not the curtains are finishing touches to fresh interior decor, they create interesting window features, harmonise with the theme of the … Continue reading

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How to tell if you’ve bought the right venetian blind cleaning tool

Okay, you’ve bought a set of venetian blinds and they look gorgeous in your home, but how are you going to keep them clean? One solution is to buy a tool made just for this purpose, look around and you’ll … Continue reading

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